We are proud to announce an exciting new collection of short stories by writers living in Cornwall edited by Emma Timpany and Felicity Notley to be published in 2018 by The History Press.

The cover design is by Vita Sleigh. The collection contains four stunning woodcut illustrations by Angela Annesley.

This bold and striking new anthology showcases Cornwall’s finest contemporary writers, combining established and new voices.

Ghosts walk in the open and infidelities are conducted in plain sight. Two teenagers walk along a perfect beach in the anticipation of a first kiss. Time stops for nothing—not even for death. Sometimes time cracks, disrupting a fragile equilibrium. The stories are peopled with locals and incomers, sailors and land dwellers; a diver searches the deep for what she has lost, and forbidden lovers meet in secret places. Throughout, the writers’ words reveal a love of the incomparable Cornish landscape.



Philipa Aldous


Cathy Galvin


Anastasia Gammon


Tim Hannigan


Clare Howdle


Rob Magnuson Smith


Adrian Markle


Tim Martindale


Candy Neubert


Felicity Notley


Sarah Perry


S Reid


Alan Robinson

Katherine Stansfield


Emma Staughton


Sarah Thomas


Emma Timpany


Tom Vowler


Elaine Ruth White


If you would like to receive an invitation to the Book Launch at the Falmouth Bookseller or pre-order a copy of the book, please let us know via the Contact page.